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Outdoor Fireplaces

Fireplaces What’s the best way to beat Louisiana’s cold and rainy season? A fireplace, of course.

Fireplaces are not only beautiful additions to your home; they are highly functional, too. However, these fire features can spell disaster to your home and worst, your loved ones, if not properly constructed and installed.

We at Patio Pool and Fence, LLC understand that you need a well-made fireplace, that’s why we only use premium bricks and stones. These materials are highly resistant to heat, and are durable and sturdy.

Pre-built or Customized?

Choosing a fireplace depends on your needs and the size of your intended area. It also helps to know the features of both pre-built and customized fireplaces to make your selection easier.

A pre-built fireplace is one that can be readily installed as soon as you buy it from suppliers. We highly recommend Belgard fireplaces as they are one of the best manufacturers of fire features today. Their products come in a variety of designs, colors, and sizes that will surely suit your needs, whether you want them installed indoor or outdoor.

On the other hand, a customized fireplace is one that is made specifically for your home. As such, it provides you with more options like:

  • Size. By standard, fireplaces must be built in accordance with the size and dimension of the room where you want it installed.

  • Material. We can create projects made of materials that you want—bricks, granite, and marble. Whatever tickles your fancy, we’re on it.

  • Beauty. Our fireplaces are made to complement the existing theme of your room or outdoor area, thus providing it with a beautiful, unified effect.

  • Durability. Since we only use the best materials available, you will be assured of a quality project that will last a lifetime.

  • Safety. You can be sure that your fireplace will not be a safety hazard to your home and loved ones since we use fire-resistant and durable materials.

Fireplace Accessories

Accessories are also recommended not only to enhance the beauty of your fireplaces but to keep fire and safety hazards at bay. Here are some of the accessories we offer:

  • Screen. A screen ensures that embers will stay where they belong: in your fireplace and not in your curtains, rugs, or wallpaper. Plus, it serves as a barrier so that your young ones will not poke their little fingers inside.

  • Mantel. Without a mantel, there won’t be a place to hang your kid’s Christmas stocking, right? But more than that, mantels are made to contain the smoke and embers that might come in contact with the wooden items or fabrics in your home.

  • Log holders. It would be a waste of time and energy to carry your logs all the way from your backyard to your fireplace all the time. Make it easier by having log holders near the fireplace.

  • Stoker. A stoker helps you turn logs so that they would burn completely.

Quality Fireplaces at Your Fingertips

We are committed to give you the best fire feature that you can enjoy for decades, whether it is an outdoor fireplace or an indoor one. That’s why we have trained our workers well in all aspects of fireplace creation and installation. Rest assured that all our materials are of supreme quality, giving you projects that are not only functional but beautiful as well.

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