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Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting Baton Rouge, LA One of the best upgrades that you can have for your Louisiana property is to invest in its outdoor lighting. This entails hiring professionals to install various lighting fixtures that will illuminate your outdoors and create amazing focal points when darkness falls.

We are one of Louisiana’s most trusted outdoor lighting installers having been tapped to work on numerous commercial and residential properties across the state. Our company has already become synonymous with high quality lighting fixtures that can make any property stand out from the rest. And if you want yours to make heads turn, we’re just a phone call away.

Outdoor Lighting Benefits You can Enjoy

Outdoor lighting provides a lot of great benefits for both residential and commercial landscapes. The most obvious one is the sense of security and safety that they render to outdoor areas that are otherwise just pitch-black. They serve as deterrent to would-be burglars who’d surely take advantage of any unlit home or commercial property. They also allow anyone to freely and safely walk around without fear of accidentally tripping over an unseen barrier.

Additionally, outdoor lighting can enhance your property’s beauty as night falls. Just by the strategic placement and the right type of lighting fixtures, it’s possible to create focal point around your premises that will surely make heads turn. It’s also a great investment in the sense that it could increase your property’s market value whether or not you intend to sell property.

Why Choose Us for Your Outdoor Lighting Needs?

Sure, there may be other Louisiana contractors with similar services to the ones we offer. However, there are certain advantages that only our company possesses – reasons enough to merit your overwhelming approval. These reasons include:

Landscape Lighting
  • Lighting fixture quality. We never scrimp on the quality of lighting fixtures that we use because we know that everything depends on it. Hence, you’re assured that every light bulb and every inch of wire installed in your outdoor spaces comes from suppliers known for high quality materials.

  • Warranty. Not all outdoor lighting contractors can claim to have a five-year limited warranty on their lighting fixtures. We do – and this is one reason why property owners trust and love our services.

  • Economical. We use low-voltage step down transformers that only require 300-650 watts, depending on the project’s requirement. This range will eventually translate to big savings on electricity costs for our clients.

  • Expert installation. We only have licensed electricians with extensive training and relevant industry experience. This is your assurance that you won’t experience any problem resulting from faulty electrical wiring.

Lighting Types to Choose from

Our clients may choose from these outdoor lighting types:

Landscape Lighting
  • Uplights. Perfect for exterior walls, patios, driveway fountains, and any structure that you want to appear grandiose.

  • Downlights. Another means of creating focal points is to install downlights on structures that you want to stand out.

  • Pathlights. These are perfect for walkways, garden paths, and anywhere else in your premises where people frequent. These lights will guarantee their safety and give them a sense of security.

  • Submersible lights. If you have a pool, a fountain, or a pond, submersible lights are the perfect accessories for these water features.

We can provide complete landscape lighting installation services whether you’re from Walker, Jackson, Sunshine, or Baton Rouge. We also service other areas across Louisiana and we handle small to big projects. So call us today and let us make your property a head-turner with the help of premium outdoor lighting.

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