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Fountains Baton Rouge LA Water features like fountains, add serenity, sound, beauty and charm to the landscape. A stone fountain can become the focal point of your landscape and uplift the appearance of the outdoor areas significantly. But for that to happen, the feature needs to be planned and installed with care by experts like the ones at our company.

We at Patio Pool and Fence Inc offer custom fountain design and installation services to clients in and around Baton Rouge, Gonzales, and Geismar. Our company has also catered to customers in Prairieville, St. Gabriel, Sunshine and Mandeville, Covington.

Types of Landscape Fountains

The fountains designed by us adorn properties in Denham Springs, Walker, Zachary, as well as Brownfields. When it comes to fountain design there are a number of options to choose from such as:

  • Spouting Fountains - These are very dramatic features that spray water upwards into the air, creating a plume-like effect that can be extremely fascinating. These types of fountains are very easy to include in any existing water feature like a pond or pool. This fountain can also be paired with a statue if you like.

  • Cascading Fountains - This is a very popular type of fountain that has a more subtle design. Instead of a pipe, the fountain has multiple levels so that the water flows very gently down from one level to the lower ones. Conventional tiered fountains are essentially cascading features. This is a self-contained feature and all the associated plumbing is incorporated into the unit making it very easy to install the element in your yard.

  • Pondless Fountains - These are a twist on conventional water features. Unlike the cascading or spouting fountains that draw from visible water reservoirs, such as a lower basin/pond, pondless fountains’ reservoirs are installed underground. This makes it a low-maintenance feature and its base could be made of elements like urns, columns or boulders. These structures will be placed on gravels or rocks and the water simply drains through to the reservoir under it. The fountains have a contemporary and subtle appearance and work perfectly well as backyard or front yard features.

  • Wall Fountains - Unique in appearance, these are an excellent choice of you have a very compact yard because they don’t need too much of space. Freestanding or flatback fountains attached to basins can be installed against walls or fences in the garden. They can be installed on existing walls, but the project becomes a little more complex than a standard installation.

Custom Designed Fountains

Our creative landscape designing team has the creativity to manage this project expertly and efficiently, ensuring you get the type of fountain feature you need at pricing that will fit perfectly into your budget. Our experts work closely with you to understand what your specific requirements are and the designs and materials will complement the look of the rest of your landscape as well.

For any more information, feel free to call Patio Pool and Fence Inc. at 225-400-2944 or send us your requests via this Contact Us form. You are assured of the best services and most creative stone fountain designs at very competitive pricing. We look forward to working with you on your next fountain installation project.

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