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Fences For many owners of homes and business establishments in Louisiana, it’s important to have a sense of security. Aside from costly burglar and intruder alarm systems, fences are among the most common types of fortification for both commercial and residential properties. And here at Patio Pool and Fence, LLC, we specialize in creating various fence types for property owners in select areas across the state. If you want one that is built to last, then call us today.

Custom-built Fences

While there are ready-made fences that could do the trick, it’s always better to have a fence that is designed and built according to your specific design taste. The beauty of a custom-built fence is that you’re assured that it will blend well with your existing theme and will enhance your property’s appeal.

Aside from just good looks, having fences constructed according to your preferences will guarantee its strength and durability. This will not only save you money on potential repair, but will also ensure your property is safe from any unauthorized entry.

Different Types of Fences that We Build

Being experts in creating high quality fences, we install different types according to our clients’ specific requests. Among the fence types that we can build are:

  • Aluminum. Aluminum is considered as an excellent alternative to the pricey wrought iron fence. At half the cost, aluminum provides almost the same level of security as a metal fence (although the latter is arguably sturdier). Because it can be powder-coated, an aluminum fence can last for decades without rusting, warping or having its paint peeled off. There are also lots of decorative designs to choose from, hence combining both form and function. This type of fence is perfect for modern and contemporary themes.

  • Metal. Metal fences are hands down the kings of fence. Typically made of steel or wrought iron, a metal fence is the toughest type that you can find. And just like aluminum, it can be designed according to your preferences. In fact, some of the most beautiful fence systems in the state are made of wrought iron with varying height and thickness. Wrought iron fence is heavily favored for Old World or luxurious landscape themes.

  • Wood. Wood fence – like cedar, cypress, and treated pine – is easily the most affordable and easy to create fence type. In the hands of experts like us, wood fence can actually last for decades without requiring major repair. The secret is in the kind of wood, the proper chemical treatment, and regular maintenance. Wood fence can also be easily decorated to meet your design taste. It is perfect for a rural or countryside landscape setting.

Why You Should Hire Us

Fences Creating and designing fences is not an easy task. On inexperienced hands, your fence may easily get damaged or just fail to look the way you expect them. With us, you’re assured of commendable results given our extensive experience in fence installation. Because we only use premium materials and observe quality workmanship, our clients are guaranteed to enjoy fence systems that are secure, durable, and visually-appealing.

Being property owners ourselves, we know how important it is to have a fence system that is tough and guaranteed to deter unauthorized persons from entering one’s premises. So rest assured that when you hire us to build your dream fences, we have your best interest and safety in mind.

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