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Landscape Design

Landscape Design Baton Rouge, LA Louisiana’s predominantly warm summers and mild winters – much like a Mediterranean climate – always poses excitement on our part with the wide range of landscape design possibilities. Among the landscaping ideas that are recommended to be applied is xeriscaping, where drought-resistant plants like cacti, palm trees, and Mediterranean plant species are used. Additionally, large boulder setups can also be included since they add beauty to the landscape without requiring irrigation. Finally, water features such as fountains, ponds, artificial waterfalls, and streams are recommended so occupants can take a dip during hot weather.

Garden Design

When doing garden design, contractors typically include pocket gardens, rock/boulder settings, artificial waterfalls and koi ponds, fire features, perennials and annuals, and outdoor lighting. These amenities enhance the garden’s beauty several times, thus making the extra dollars spent truly worth it. Moreover, specific themes that the client needs can also be achieved, like Mediterranean, Japanese, Old World, or Modern.

Patio Design

There are many compelling reasons why patio addition is highly popular among LA homeowners. First is the functionality that patios offer – they can be the perfect place to hold birthdays, anniversaries, and weekend get-togethers. Patios also increase the property’s market value since they are considered as add-ons. Moreover, patios can enhance any landscape’s appeal because they are usually built using premium materials like pavers.

In terms of the possible patio design, clients like you can dictate how the patios should look like. You may ask for suggestions from the contractor from its past projects, from which you could take design inspiration for your own patio. Just see to it that the patio will perfectly blend with the entire landscape or outdoor space.

Landscape Designer

When choosing the right landscape designer, you should be certain that he or she can realize your ideas and plans. You should ask for a portfolio to determine the designer’s skills and creative abilities. You could ask for a mock landscape design plan to better gauge if you’re hiring the right one. Keep in mind that landscape installation is costly, so you should be 100 percent sure that you’re getting the services of the right designer.

Landscape Architect

Hiring a landscape architect will ensure that you will have sustainable, functional and appealing landscape design. The architect works hand-in-hand with the designer and will ensure proper use of design principles and techniques to achieve your goals and meet your expectations. You may apply the same background check procedures that you used in choosing your landscape designer. Remember that it’s better to be safe than sorry in the end.


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