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Arbors Arguably, having softscapes and hardscapes inside a property is good. However, adding woodworks in the landscape makes it more interesting, and can even make your property’s market value go up.

At Patio Pool and Fence, LLC, we specialize in creating exquisite woodworks for property owners in select Louisiana areas including Baton Rouge, Watson, Denham Springs, Jackson, and Prairieville. You may choose from pergolas, trellises, wood benches, and arbors to be installed both inside and outside of your property. We design and create intricate and extraordinary woodworks using the best wood available, and we have a gallery of photos to give you idea of our expertise.

Benefits of Adding Arbors

Arbors, like other woodwork, serve decorative and practical purposes in outdoor areas of commercial and residential properties. In the hands of a master artisan, an arbor can easily make any garden, walkway, or yard stand out.

Arbors An arbor is primarily an accent piece and serves as a focal point in any outdoor area. No matter how plain looking a garden or a pathway may be, we can make it look extraordinary by simply adding a beautifully crafted arbor. You can have your wooden arbor varnished or painted white, and choose from flat, arched, pointed, or A-frame design. You also have the freedom to decide on the arbor’s height, width, and length, as well as pick from circular, lattice, and plant sidings. For optimum dramatic effect during night-time, we can add outdoor lights to add protection and make the arbor more visible.

There are dozens of potential designs that we can present for you to choose, all of which are sure to enhance your outdoor’s beauty several times over. And because arbors are typically paired with vines and plants that cling throughout their entire length, they can provide precious shade especially during summer time.

Arbor Plants and Positions

Meanwhile, here are the different types of plants and vines that will make your arbors more interesting and attention-grabbing:

  • Jasmine
  • Honeysuckle
  • Clematis
  • Rambling rose
  • Everlasting pea climber
  • Dragon’s claw
  • Cup of gold
  • Flame nasturtium
  • Solanum
  • Pendant climber

Keep in mind that these plants and vines serve different purposes such as foliage, scent, and shade. It is therefore critical that you should communicate your ideas with our personnel so we could choose the exact type of plants and vines to use for your chosen arbors.

We could also position each arbor according to your preferences. This is a vital and important consideration since proper positioning will ensure the beauty and functionality of your arbor. Accordingly, we can place your arbors in the following areas in and around your property:

  • Walkway. Having an arbor across the length of your walkway will guarantee cool shade during summer and protection against the snow in winter. It will also make the area much more enticing to frequent.

  • Garden. An arbor right in your garden can make the area very inviting and attractive. With the right climbing plant or vine, it’s also possible to create a seamless look between your garden and the arbor itself.

  • Driveway. Entering your driveway can be more enjoyable with a nicely designed arbor. It will surely make your guests feel welcomed and make your property’s entryway more visually appealing.

  • Patio. Your patio’s beauty can be greatly enhanced with an arbor featuring exquisite craftsmanship.

Call us today and let us talk about how we could create the arbors that you’ve been wanting for years. We offer free estimate and we have flexible rates that you can surely afford.

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